Electric magnetic treatment device

Made in Japan

Soken (Ver. 220V)

A long-selling magnetic shower by the trusted brand

It is an exclusive unit to use it abroad (Ver.220V).

Brand name SOKEN(Ver.220V)
Model Ⅵ type(Ver.220V)
General name Electric magnetic therapy device for household use
Device class Controlled medical device
Flux density on the surface 80 mT (Bmax) 50 Hz
66 mT (Bmax) 60 Hz
Power supply 220V  50Hz / 60Hz
Nominal capacity 110 VA for 50 Hz
92 VA for 60 Hz
Safety system Thermostat (60oC) and fuse (76oC)
Detentions/Weight (main unit) 270 (W) x 73 (H) x 113 (D) mm/2.53 kg
Supplied timer

Max. 60 min (auto-OFF),

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Sokenrelax (Ver. 220V)

Top athletes also pay attention. Portable type that is convenient to carry

It is an exclusive unit to use it abroad (Ver.220V).

Brand name SOKEN RELAX(Ver.220V)
Classification Mechanical Equipment 81
Common Name Electromagnetic Treatment Device(JMDN Code: 71015000)
Medical Device Type Controlled medical device
Japan Medical Device Authorization 22000BZX00235000
Surface Inductive Flux 38mT
Power Source/Capacity AC220V50Hz / 0.22A/48.4VA±15%
Safety Device Thermostat 80℃
Temperature fuse 115℃
Timer Max. 60 min. (Auto OFF)
Main Unit Dimensions H 355xW 540xD 32(mm)
Weight 2.65kg (Including accessories)
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Safety precautions

●Before you use this device, read the attached user manual thoroughly to ensure proper operation.

●Be sure to apply the supplied cover to the device. ●Make sure to use the device with the supplied timer.



Do not use this product with the following electrical medical devices:

(1) Implantable medical devices such as pacemakers

(2) Adjustable pressure shunt valves for cerebrospinal fluid shunting*

(3) Life-support equipment such as artificial heart-lung machines

(4) Electrical medical devices worn on the body, such as electrocardiograms

Use of these medical devices may cause an accident, possibly resulting in injury.


*An adjustable pressure valve is a medical device for shunting treatment that is intended to channel the cerebrospinal fluid into the peritoneal cavity. The valve is implanted under the scalp for a long period to adjust the flow volume of the cerebrospinal fluid by changing the valve pressure with magnetic energy.



If you have any of the following conditions, consult your physician before using this product:

●Malignant tumors ●Heart problems ●In the unstable period of the early stages of pregnancy or immediately after delivering ●Perceptual disorders due to major peripheral circulatory disturbance caused by diabetes mellitus ●Loss of temperature sensation ●Skin infections/wounds ●A condition that requires rest ●Having a temperature of 38ºC or higher ●Acute diseases such as distortion or muscle strain


When using the product, do not place it close to or bring it in contact with the following:

●Mobile phones ●watches ●cash cards ●hearing aids ●precision equipment ●PCs and peripheral devices (including disc drives)

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