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Units in Magnetism 

As far as I know magnetic field’s unit is commonly known as Gauss, but what is Tesla?

In SI units, magnetic field’s is measured in Tesla (T), The SI unit for 10 milliTesla (mT) is equivalent to 100 Gauss (G).どうぞお気軽にお問合せください

Details about Electromagnetic Therapy Device

What does it means by alternating current (AC) magnetism?

AC magnetic therapy device is a device that generates magnetism using the household electricity. It is generated when an alternating current is passing through a north and south poles magnetic coils. Exposing magnetism into the body can help relaxing muscle stiffness and improve blood circulation in the body tissues.

What’s the difference between AC magnetic therapy [(Soken), (Soken Relax)] devices with the magnetic necklaces, magnetic belly strips or any therapy devices that use permanent magnet?

The range of how permanent and AC magnetic field can reach the tissues are different.

What’s the effects of electromagnetic therapy devices to the body?

It can help relaxing body stiffness and improves blood circulation.

What’s the value of magnetic field for Soken’s therapy device?

This device emits 800 Gauss= 80 milliTesla magnetic flux density.

What’s the value of magnetic field for Soken Relax’s therapy device?

This device emits 800 Gauss= 80 milliTesla magnetic flux density.

Is it safe to use this treatment device as it emits heat? How safe is an electromagnetic therapy device actually?

It is a treatment device that generates electricity using household electricity. Since it will generate heat when used for a long time, it is recommended to use with a dedicated timer. There are two stages of safety devices inside this treatment device, which is thermostat and thermal fuse. The thermostat operates at 60°c, and the thermal fuse operates at 76°c. This treatment device is automatically switched off until the temperature drops, and it will start working again once the device is fully cooled down.

Depending on the region, “Soken Relax” is available for 50Hz and 60Hz. What happens if I use it in the opposite region?

If 50Hz is used in the 60Hz region, the surface magnetic flux density will drop to 32 millitesla. Heat won’t be emitted even if we used it in a long duration. However, using 60Hz device in 50Hz region will generate the heat in a short duration, and the thermostat will quickly turn off the device so no magnetic field will be generated. The surface magnetic flux density will rise to 42 milliTesla. It is advisable to use the device in its’ own assigned frequency region.

What is the power consumption of “Soken” and “Soken Relax”?

The power consumption for “Soken” device is 7 Watt, while it is 12 Watt for “Soken Relax” device.

How much does the electricity usually costs?

Soken Device = 30min x 3 times daily = ¥0.18
   Soken Relax Device = 30min x 3 times daily = ¥0.3

What is the seal on the "Soken" code?

It is called a polar seal. We used that when we’re setting the magnetism. It can be aspirated or repelled in the direction that the two units are plugged into the outlet.

How to use the magnetic therapy device

I’m using this device for the first time. Can I know how long is the appropriate treatment duration?

The best treatment will be 30 minutes once, but for the people who will be using it for the first time, it is advisable to start with 10 minutes so that we can slowly get used to it.
Especially for infants, the elderly, and those without physical strength such as anemia and hypotension, be sure to start with 10 minutes treatment first.

Can I use it more than 30 mins x 3 times daily?

It's okay. It is better to set a longer time than usual, especially in the cold and poorly circulated winter. If the symptom is chronic, it is more effective to frequently use it rather than to prolong the time.

Can I just use it once daily?

Basically, it is advisable to use it 3 times per day and it is the best to use during sleeping. Depending on the symptoms you’re having, you can use it as frequently as you want as long as you’re not burdening yourself.

Is it okay to continue using it for a long time?

It’s totally okay because immunity and physical strength can be improved by continuing to use it regularly. However, it is not advisable that we stop using the therapeutic device just because the symptoms showed some improvement, but we should keep using it regularly to maintain our health.

Is it okay to use it with electric products such as electric blankets?

It is not recommended to use this device with any electrical products, as the metal inside the electric blanket is sensitive to the magnet. As keeping the electric blanket on throughout the night can lead to body dehydration, it is better to put the magnetic therapeutic device under the bed and keep it on 30 minutes before you’re going to bed, as this can slightly help warming the bed so that you can sleep peacefully. In addition, the best way to keep our body warm is by putting “Soken Relax” device on our stomach.

Is it okay to plug directly into an outlet without using a timer?

No, it is advisable to use with the timer provided.

Can I use this device abroad?

Sure, you can use it with a proper transformer that best fit the voltage and frequency.

Can I use this device if I’m wearing necklaces and ring?

It's okay. But if you’re distracted with the vibration when in contact with the device, you’re advised to take it off first.

Will there be any adverse effect if I made a mistake in applying the suction and repulsion?

The best way to improve efficiency is by making sure the suction and repulsion are applied right. However, even if you made some mistake at home, there is no such thing as halving the effect.

How far should important stuffs like cards been put away from magnetic field?

It is safe as long as we don’t put them close to the devices or on the bed equipped with magnetic device. The best way to keep cards safe is by distancing them for about 1 meter.

I often felt exhausted after using this therapeutic device, but I heard that it’s positive response that I felt this way. Can I know how can I consider it as a positive response?

Exposing our body to magnetism will somehow cause exhaustion or painful effect. Another post-exposure effect will be numbness, foul-smelling urine, sweat and painful old wounds. However, symptoms can vary between individuals as how our body’s adapt to magnetism is difference from each other. Our reports showed that people who is physically weak or has medical history illness tend to be the one who experience quick respond to these symptoms. Usually, the symptoms will appear in 2 to 3 days but the longer the medical history the longer the response will be. It is recommended to adjust the therapy time that best fits our body needs. If you have any questions regarding this product, please don’t hesitate to contact our retail store or customer service center.

I usually sleep with this device being put next to me but it tends to be drifted away whenever I fell asleep. Is it okay if its not physically in contact with my body?

This device is designed for a wide range of magnetic exposure so it’s totally fine.

I know there is an example written on how to use this device, but will it be less effective if I use it another way?

As previously said, this device is designed for a wide range of exposure so you can use it freely in any way that works best for you.

Experience & Rental Details

I think it`s a very good product but I’m not sure if I need to purchase it.

Please feel free to experience magnetic therapeutic treatment first in the store nearby you. In addition, we can also provide rental services to our customers who can’t visit our store.

Detailed flyers and catalogues.

Where can I get the details or catalogue about this product?

IYou can fill the form and we will mail the catalogue directly to our customers’ place upon request.

Details of product purchase

Is it possible to buy the product at the place I’m currently getting treatment at?

Yes, you can purchase it there as every store is equipped with magnetic therapy device. Feel free to reach us once you’re there.

How can I buy this device if there’s no nearby store around me? 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Product’s Warranty

Is there a warranty period for this electromagnetic therapy devices?

One year warranty period will be guaranteed starting from the day the purchase is made. The warranty conditions are described in the warranty card, so please read it carefully. Please take note that no warranty will be covered for the other magnetic goods.

Product’s support & maintenance

I think my device stops emitting magnetic field. What should I do?

First, please make sure that there’s no magnetic field emitted from the coil using the tester attached. (Upon testing, the small magnet inside the tester will vibrate when there is a magnetic field). Next, please follow the next steps. (If you are unable to understand, or have any questions please feel free to contact our store).
1. Is the cord firmly attached to the timer?
2. Is the timer cord plugged into the outlet?
3. Is the thermostat inside the device works automatically after being continually used?
(When the temperature drops, it will return to its original state. Please leave it for about an hour before switching it on.)
4. If you’re currently using multiple units of device, please test the device one by one to see if it’s working. If it happens to be that all of them are not working, please know that the timer might be broken. Do not hesitate to reach us if the timer is malfunctioning.

I think the cord of my magnetic therapy device is likely to come off, what should I do?

It’s very dangerous so please fill in the repair request form and send it to the manufacturer for maintenance service.

I think the cord of the timer is likely to be damaged, what should I do?

The timer repair service provided has ended. Please contact us for further details.

I purchased this device more than 10 years ago. There is no noticeable failure, but can I send it for maintenance?

Yes, please send it to us for inspection but we’re so sorry to inform you that you need to pay for this service.

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