Improve Blood Circulation from Deep Parts of the Body
and Release Stiffness in Shoulders

Electrical Magnetic Therapy Devices,

Among various medical devices, SOKEN and SOKEN RELAX were the first to have been authorized for use as devices for electrical magnetic therapy in Japan. Electricity for ordinary residential use generates an alternating current (AC) magnetic field, which changes the current direction between the north and south poles 50 or 60 cycles per second. Such AC magnetic fields move forward and backward across the body, improving blood flow, which helps to resolve muscle stiffness.
The main effects/benefits of these devices include improvement of blood circulation and relief of muscle stiffness. Their user-friendly design allows you to use them whenever and wherever you want, while being fully clothed!

What is AC magnetic field therapy?
It has four advantages.

  • 1
    Better Blood Flow

The magnetic field can improve blood circulation. The AC magnetic field is larger than the fields of existing magnetic devices that use permanent magnets, allowing the former to circulate blood flow to the smallest arteries.

  • 2
    Use of Energy Never Seen or Felt

You can use this system safely because its magnetic energy is invisible and insensible. Owing to its non-stimulation of the body, you can use it even while sleeping. This results in a user-friendly device that can be used continuously.

  • 3
    Easy to Continue the Therapy while Clothed

The system allows you to get the therapeutic effects while sleeping fully clothed. In addition, it can easily be applied by anyone at any time or place.

  • 4
    Repeated Daily Use

Immediately after starting this therapy, your blood circulation can improve. To enjoy its effects, including an improved physical condition, the device should be repeatedly used daily.

For over 40 years since we introduced our system, 
it continues to be appreciated by customers!

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Electromagnetic therapy device 

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